Having been a painter since the age of 16, color has always been the overriding factor in my choice of media. But, until this past December I never considered that I could make the colors that I loved and send them out to be loved by others. The first question that I needed to answer was how to meet the people that needed the colors that I needed to make.

Facebook has not been a big part of my life since I closed my art based account a few years ago. I kept a small presence on Facebook but I didn’t think selling to friends and family was the best business plan. With such limited choices I decided to go back to Instagram. I’d built up a presence of 363 people who had followed my cat photos back in 2015. But were those the people who would be receptive and willing to buy what I had to offer? I hadn’t a clue if or how I was going to do it, but I was all in on trying. First I had to establish myself as something other than a Cat Mom.

In the beginning of December, 2017 I started posting photos of my cats again; then photos of my twin granddaughters and finally a picture I had painted with my hand crafted watercolors. Then I started posting at least five times weekly with pictures of me mulling the paint, painting with the paint and finally in mid-January announcing the opening of a web store that still didn’t exist! Taking that leap, leaning on faith in my dreams and cultivating a group of followers who were willing to put their money down in exchange for my glimmering colors has been a learning experience I’m excited to share. As of this writing I have 901 followers! 50 of them who are repeat customers of my watercolor palettes at Cate Regan Designs on Etsy and at my shopify store, Cate Regan Designs

Hashtags are the secret to my success and I want to share what I’ve learned with you! So I’ve put together sets of tags that artists, art journalers, scrapbookers, calligraphers and all creatives will find useful as they build their presence on Instagram. It’s easy peasy to get too. Fill in your name and email addy and I’ll send it flying to your inbox. Oh, and be sure to follow me Cate Regan Designs, on Instagram