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Handmade Watercolor - BYZANTIUM - dark purple artisan made watercolour

Handmade Watercolor - BYZANTIUM - dark purple artisan made watercolour

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Unlike mass-produced paints, our handmade watercolor is crafted without fillers or binders. Controlling the pigments and vegan binder and hand mulling the ingredients allows for greater control over the texture, transparency, and color of the final paint. Our paints are light fast, containing no honey or animal products. They are vegan and eco friendly. Each batch of our artisan made paints are unique, using time tested original recipes. The care taken in our production results in richer and more vibrant colors.

You're going to love this Handmade Watercolor Paint; a Classic Matte in a purple-red combination. The granulation from the deep purple to the violet pink is a joy to use. I've shown it on Hahnemuhle rough with has a slightly more textured surface than the Arches I usually use. The separation of colors is always a surprise and is controlled by the amount of water on your brush. If you have to ask if there's enough water on your brush, there isn't! Cate Regan Colors love to blend in water so don't skimp on fully loading your brush with water before touching the color surface.

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