Handmade watercolor Paint - BUFF TITANIUM - eco friendly and animal cruelty free paint

Handmade watercolor Paint - BUFF TITANIUM - eco friendly and animal cruelty free paint

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You need this for all of your nature paintings. An off-white matte paint that plays well with all of the colors in the shop. It's a joy to use and re-wets instantly.

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  the moment you receive your paint, to the moment you witness its beauty on paper
• Re-wets easily • Highly recommend this seller

This handmade paint is another star in my Vegan line of watercolors. This would be a bonus color for any hand painted card maker out there as it goes on smoothly, re-wets with the touch of a damp brush, and blends beautifully with all the colors in your paintbox.


•No fillers
•Made in micro-batches of 3-9 pans
•Pure raw pigments. A proprietary blend of binder for creamy softness and easy re-wettability
•No clove oil. No honey. No Ox Gall. Vegan Friendly. Cruelty-Free

Cate Regan Colors are created using traditional and low-impact production methods that don't impact the environment. They are pure pigment with no extenders or fillers so the colors are rich and vibrant. When you purchase from small-scale producers like us, you help small businesses to thrive and help to preserve traditional craft practices. Each batch of our artisan made paints are unique using time tested original recipes. Because we do everything by hand you are purchasing products made with love for our customers and our environment.

The iPhone I use could not capture the richness of this color. Such a gorgeous hue but a limited edition. BUFF TITANIUM is such a rich buttery beige. Use it everywhere you need a bit of a distinct color. You'll find lots of uses for it I don't doubt.

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