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Handmade Watercolor Paint - STRAWBERRY - bright shimmering, Calligraphy Ink

Handmade Watercolor Paint - STRAWBERRY - bright shimmering, Calligraphy Ink

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You'll love working with this modern handmade watercolor paint. It has no additional fillers or animal products (e.g. honey and ox gall). Just pure pigments mixed with a proprietary blend of vegan binder containing mica, pure gum arabic, organic vegetable sugars, pure essential oils (as a preservative) and vegetable glycerin. Our paint is made in micro-batches of 6 to 8 pans. We keep our runs small to ensure the paint is freshly cured and not from a years old inventory. This way we can control all aspects of our paints and produce a product that is completely animal-cruelty free and completely vegan. We take great pride in our products and our customers appreciate our attention to detail.

You bite into a luscious strawberry and feel the sweetness on your tongue, yummy. But not as yummy as adding this beautiful strawberry red to your palette. Intense sparkle that you'll find a joy to use. Gorgeous and highly shimmering, another star in my Vegan line of watercolors. This would be a bonus color for any hand painted card maker out there.

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