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Handmade Watercolor - SKYLARK - *NEW* - Artisanal paint, journaling, urban art sketching, colour journals, painting, illustration, bujo

Handmade Watercolor - SKYLARK - *NEW* - Artisanal paint, journaling, urban art sketching, colour journals, painting, illustration, bujo

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Watercolor Pans
A bright clear summer sky blue. A fun color to mix with one of my yellows (buttercup comes to mind) for a pretty green. Used alone  as a wash it will brighten any sky or bluebird that inhabits your painting.

You'll love working with the easy wettability of these colors. It is a luxury handmade artisan watercolor in half pan or dot card size. I created it for use in mixed media painting, art, bullet and bible journaling. Plein air professional artists as well as art students will find it one of the best quality watercolors on Etsy. Because it is an eco friendly watercolour it contains no honey or animal bi-products and is completely vegan in the classic traditional style. Good quality paper is the secret to getting the most out of your handmade water colors. Getting the best coloration is with a very wet paint brush, especially if it has a tendency to granulate. If you ask if you have enough water on your brush, you don't.
The color is highly saturated and rich. It is light fast and opaque


Lightfastness: Yes
Staining: Some
Transparency: Opaque

Available in half pans, dot and mega dot cards

My colors are produced in micro-batches of 3-6 pans with natural mineral, man made and organic materials. The pigments are combined with a proprietary brand of Vegan Binder of gum arabic, organic vegetable sugars, pure essential oil (preservative), and vegetable glycerin. No animal products are used in the production of my handmade watercolor paints making them completely animal-cruelty free and VEGAN. We take great pride in our ability to offer customers the very best in handmade vegan color.

This color would make a memorable gift to an artist mom, dad, sis or bro who value unique and high-quality materials!


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Materials: natural gum arabic,vegetable glycerin,rosemary oil earth pigments,vegan paint color,non toxic pigment,organic ingredients,archival color,no clove oil mineral pigments,distilled spring water,no honey added,essential oils,cruelty free paint,opaque ingredients
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