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Watercolor paints - TARNISHED GOLD - small batch handmade shimmering gold

Watercolor paints - TARNISHED GOLD - small batch handmade shimmering gold

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About a year ago I was able to snipe a quart jar of vintage gold powder. This is one of the colors with added bling from that jar! This color is shown swatched on Fabriano Extra White watercolor paper that shows the color effects of any added shimmer.

You'll love working with the easy wettability of these colors. It is a luxury handmade artisan watercolor in half pan or dot card size.


Christine C. "All paints from this shop are spectacular. They are beautiful (and fun) to work with! Excellent quality, great shop. Each package arrives beautifully packaged and efficiently shipped. I give this shop my highest recommendation!"

Leslie H. "I love all the paints I’ve bought from Carolyn!. This last haul was my 4th purchase in the last 6 weeks. All of them rewet with ease...colors are rich and vibrant."

Megan L. "This color is DREAMY! It rewets quickly and it’s beautiful straight out of the pan or diluted to make pretty lighter tones. Of course the paint is the super high quality that I have come to expect from Carolyn!"

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