Instagram has been my go-to source of advertising for Cate Regan Design Colors since I first started selling online. Recently I’ve noticed that the traffic to my shop via IG has slowed. The reason, the algorithm is telling IG that this person is not boosting this post with advertising. Well, that’s my assumption, anyway. But apparently, I’m not alone in thinking this way because several IGers have expressed exactly the same thoughts. Once they purchased ads their traffic slowed or stopped.

So what’s a girl to do? In my case, I’m re-booting by opening a new PERSONAL account instead of a business account. And, I’m NEVER going to buy IG (read FB here) advertising again. Alright, I get that nothing in life is free but Instagram used to be such fun. You’d post a pretty picture, folks would drool and like and everyone seemed to be in their happy place. Now, we’re fighting each other like tiger cubs trying to stay attached to Momma’s nipple. There’s just not enough to go around anymore. And it’s not fun. Friends drift away as they each try to find there own little corner of IG to sell to.

I’m sure that if I were as rich as Mr. Zuckerberg I wouldn’t have to worry about likes or follows or buys. But I’m not. I’m caught in that post-retirement period of life that leaves me on a fixed income with absolutely NO room to squeak by unless I have a source of income other than SS. Who is to blame for that? Me! I was that forever starving artist that was so sure that my talent would be realized and sooner rather than later I would have bushels of money. Being married, I also assumed that my brilliant business-owning spouse’s business would continue to grow. But 2001 happened in more ways than one in my household and we were left with lawyer fees, overwhelming debt, and a looming foreclosure letter just a postman away. I’m not usually a gloom and doom kinda girl but every month it gets harder and harder to find a way to get through to the next month. But I am a strong believer in always getting up and moving forward. I didn’t kick breast cancer’s ass 15 years ago to just quit now…so I’m re-booting…ME.

On Instagram I’m moving from @cateregandesigns to @cateregancolors. I’m going to keep it personal. No advertising on IG or FB because that’s what started this slow decline. From now on I’m posting things that make me happy. Like the colors that roll off my slab in regular order, daily. And I’m going to be using this blog to share my thoughts and frustrations. No, I don’t know if it will be daily or bi-weekly or maybe hourly but I’m going to work hard at not being a statistic. I want to live fully and on my last day on earth I want to slide into first base screaming, Lordie, what a ride!!!