As a painter there are certain colors that I’m drawn to. I didn’t give this a lot of thought when I was first starting out as an artist but it caught my attention quickly when I was first making my own watercolor.  I actually had to STOP myself from making so much pink, red, magenta and purple pans of color.

As a child my mother dressed me in pink and my sister in blue. That, I thought, was the reason for my affinity for pink, and purple both of which have red as their base. Digging deeper into my own preferences I found that psychologists equate red to the physical. Think courage, strength and warmth. And on the flip side of those positives think defiance, aggression and anger. That is why people often say that, (fill in the blank) makes me see RED!

Red is also associated with food. Ever wonder why a lot of restaurants feature the color red? It’s because red evokes the taste buds and stimulates the appetite. That’s why fast food signs are RED! Are you thinking McDonald’s, Burger King, KFC? Food establishments understand the psychology of color well…RED WILL MAKE YOU HUNGRY.

An article in the September 30, 2015 issue of BusinessInsider states: “brands like McDonald’s and Burger King use the color red in their logos and around their stores because it revs up people’s appetites, making them hungry, which therefore makes them more likely to enter the store and then buy more food while they’re in there”. The next time you’re hungry and head for your favorite fast food place take a look around. You’ll probably find a LOT of red! Are you hungry yet?